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Experience the magic of the holiday season with us!

Christmas: Welcome


Saturdays: 12-3pm, Dec. 2, 16, 23
Sundays: 2-5pm, Dec. 3, 17

Join us for our first hike to and cut Christmas tree season! Lace up your boots and bring your adventurous spirit.


Please park at the farmhouse.

Follow our hand-cleared farm trails 1/4 mile through rolling woods to an opening where you'll discover our patch of wild trees. After you choose and cut a tree, you have two options. For the outdoorsy folk, you're welcome to carry it on the hike back (our trees are pretty light if one person carries each end). For those looking for a full service option, we can trailer your tree to the parking area and help you secure it to your car, in exchange for tips.


All trees are $40!

We have native species, wild trees. Choose any evergreen tree as your holiday tree. We have a lot of Eastern Red Cedars (the TN state evergreen tree) and a few pines for you to select from. Our trees have been displayed in Downtown Clinton in (see gazebo photo at top of page).

What do we mean by wild trees? Just how it sounds. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial colorant, or irrigation for any of our trees. This allows our trees to serve as unaltered wildlife habitat, especially for cardinals. One acre of Christmas trees produces 1000 pounds of oxygen annually. While our trees might not be trimmed and treated for perfection, they sure work hard for our environment before they bring joy to our houses for the holidays. Their natural form and beauty is sure worth celebrating!

What to Bring

Gloves are highly recommended to anyone handling a tree, as different trees have varying levels of "softness" when it comes to their needles. Dress in comfortable hiking footwear and an older jacket or long sleeve. You may get a dirty hiking or handling a tree, so please don't wear your best clothes. 

Feel free to bring your own rope or ratchet straps for securing your tree to your car, but we will also have twine available. If you are worried about your roof or inside of your car, we recommend bringing an old blanket to place under the tree.

Outside food and beverages are welcome.


Please note this activity involves moderate physical exertion on uneven surfaces and slopes. 

As we are actively building our farm, our bathrooms are not yet complete. You can do as hikers do, or there is a bathroom in the farmhouse for emergencies. There are no bathroom facilities along the hike or at the tree patch. We appreciate your understanding as we hope to have our barn and bathrooms complete for you next year!



Saturday, December 2, 2023 6PM
Main Street, Clinton

We will be walking in the Clinton Christmas Parade with Tom Hanks the goat. Give us a big wave when you see us!



A small travel fee is applied to destinations greater than 30 minutes from Christopher's Overlook.

Our goats love to dress up as reindeer in training for Christmas! You can book our goats to join your holiday events this season.

Email us to schedule:

Christmas: What's Happening
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